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Gold Price : $1,918.05
Platinum Price : $883.00

Dear Jeweler :

Thanks for taking time to review the 2008 New Hansa Catalog, Volume 6.
Our growth, both in customers and sales, is a testament to the hard work and
dedication of our excellent staff. The Hansa people are here to help you, and will go to all lengths
possible to help you make more sales.

This catalog is a significant departure from our last 5 volumes. Many of you have known us for immediate and reliable delivery of hot items, and for our enormous in stock program. After receiving thousands of requests for castings, mountings, semi-mounts and a larger selection of finished products, we finally listened and have made available everything your customer wants, in any form you wish to buy.

What has not changed is our customer friendly look. We have kept in mind that our catalog is a sales tool for you to use on the counter, and our photography is specifically shot and edited so that your customers can see exactly what the jewelry looks like. The diamonds are lifelike and the pictures are beautiful, to make your customers comfortable in making a purchase from your store. We want you to use the Hansa catalog first.

You can now rely upon Hansa for our reliable delivery of:
Raw Castings - Shipped in 1 Business Day
Polished Mountings - Shipped in 2 Business Days
Semi-Mounts - Shipped in 3-5 Business Days
Finished Jewelry - Shipped in 3-5 Business Days
There are thousands of new items selected especially to suit the tastes of today’s sophisticated customers. You must be able to deliver to your customers the type of jewelry they see in all the high-end magazines, and Hansa has the styles your customers want.

Every item in the catalog is custom made for your order, exactly as you want it to be. We offer gold choices of 10 karat, 14 karat and 18 karat, gold colors of white, yellow, rose and green. Of course Platinum is available as well.

In a market as challenging as we have in 2008, who can afford to lose even a single sale? For 10 years, Hansa staff members have worked overtime to get you exactly the goods you need, exactly when you need them. We are here for you now more than ever.

Thanks again for spending time with our catalog, and let’s make profits together.

All the Best for a Fantastic 2008 and Onwards.
Mr. Andrew W. Fox
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