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Scrap for credit
Gold Price : $1,509.20
Platinum Price : $959.00
Introducing Hansa Diamonds
Scrap For Credit Program
Hansa Diamonds now accepts your scrap metals for credit on your account at 105% Over Scrap.
105% Program
Independent Assay
The Process
The Math

Many retailers are making significant profits buying gold from the public, and Hansa wants to help you further profit from these "over the counter" purchases. Trade your old scrap for new current merchandise.Call Hansa Diamonds customer service at (877) 678-6786

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Hansa Diamonds Has Partnered With
United Precious Metals To Ensure Accuracy

Hansa guarantees the accuracy of the assay of your gold and silver by partnering with United Precious Metals 3rd party metallurgical services.

Fire Assaying
Your metals are received at Hansa Diamonds New York City headquarters, checked in by our professional staff, then dispatched by Federal Express to United Precious Metals for Fire Assay Testing.
In 3 business days, you will receive your report by fax or email, as you specify. This will show the total yield of fine gold and silver that was contained in your scrap lot.

A note on Fire Assay from United Precious Metals Website:
“The Fire-Assay procedure is an age-old practice and is most widely accepted as the standard assay procedure in the jewelry industry. At United, all gold bearing alloys or grains and Sterling Silver alloys are assayed by Fire-Assay techniques. A certificate of Analysis is provided for each and every batch made.”

At Hansa we assure you of a true assay. We have no financial relationship or common ownership with the company that is verifying the fineness of your metals. We accept the correctness of the assay from United Precious Metals and credit your account with 105% of the value of the gold and silver contained.
While other companies base their account credits on less than 100% of your scrap’s fine metal content, Hansa gives you 105% credit, calculated by amount of gold and silver in dwt times 105%.
Other companies charge you an assay or refining charge, then only credit you 97%-98% of the metal value. Hansa charges NO REFINING CHARGE AND 105% OF THE VALUE OF THE METALS.
Prepare Your Lot
Hansa accepts gold and silver jewelry, findings, scrap, and castings. You can send pretty much anything that is made of either gold or silver. Please remove any diamonds or gemstones that you want to keep, as they will be lost in the assay process.
Fill Out The Picking Slip
Click Here to download the Hansa Diamonds 105% Program picking slip. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. If you don’t have a scale, please write the number of pieces. If you can determine the karatage of each item and separate them into sub-lots, please do. If not, it’s ok to just place all of the items in 1 bag and ship them to us.
Fax Or Email The Form To Us
We like to know what’s coming, and to be able to let you know if your package does not arrive, so please either fax or email the Picking Slip to our office.
Email: 105program@hansadiamonds.com
Fax: (877) 678-6701
Ship The Package
Ship to:Hansa Diamonds
Attn: 105% Program
7 West 45th St.
10th Floor
New York, NY 10023
Phone (212) 730-1676
Receive Confirmation
Our office will call you upon receipt of your scrap package. We want you to know that we have received your lot and that it’s going into process.
Your gold lock is the 2nd business day after receipt of your lot at the Hansa Diamonds office in New York City. Click to find daily gold locks
Receive Fire Assay Report
Upon completion of the Fire Assay, we will fax 3 documents to you.

Document 1: United Precious Metals assay report that details the verified weight of the lot, the weight of fine gold and silver it contained, and a final karatage of your overall lot.

Document 2: Hansa Diamonds Metals Credit Report. We will send you a report that lets you know the gold market assigned to your lot, the amount of fine metals in your lot, and the calculated amount of your account credit.

Document 3: Hansa Diamonds Account Statement. We will send an updated account statement showing the dollar amount that has been credited to your account. This is our normal accounts receivables customer statement.
Order Merchandise!
Now that you have sent your scrap metals and turned them into account credit at 105% of the current metals market prices, it’s time to order some products! You can buy anything that you would like, raw casting, loose diamonds, even custom designs. Lock in extra profits by turning your scrap metals into brand new merchandise.
Hansa Diamonds Give you 105% Credit for Your Scrap

• No Assay Fee!
• No Discounts Taken
• Based on 100% of your metal

Here is an example :
You sent in 100 dwt of mixed scrap that is 12.2k, according to the Fire Assay. Gold lock $900.
Famous Competitor Hansa
Recieved 100 DWT 100 DWT
Karatage 12.2k 12.2k
Fine Gold 50.83 dwt 50.83 dwt
Metal Discount 3% 0%
Refining Charge $100 $0
Credit Amount $1027.85 $1162.74
-BONUS- 0% 5%
FINAL CREDIT $1027.85 $1220.88
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